The New World of Energy

Time to Act.

E-charging stations
1.329.483.943.473 MWh
Solar energy that has reached the earth
Installed smart meters

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The energy market of tomorrow will be decentralized. Consumers are becoming producers, and new tariffs and business models are emerging. At the same time, the energy mix is changing worldwide.

This still seems a long way off. We still have fossil fuels. Electricity is still affordable. But appearances can be deceiving.

The energy system will fundamentally change, and that will influence more than just electricity prices. Only those who help shape the transformation, use electricity more efficiently, and think of new ways of providing it can ensure the future success of their company. It is high time to act.

Current energy consumption:


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From renewable sources:


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Solar power which has already reached the earth today:



1,802 days


to go until the planned nuclear phase out in Germany.


new nuclear power plants put into operation worldwide in 2015.

Smart meters installed by 2020

830.1 million

437.0 million
In China

132.0 million
In the USA

32.9 million
In Germany

Investment in the energy grid


$130 billion was invested in fossil fuels in 2015.

$286 billion was invested in renewable energy – more than ever before.



From 2025 it will be mandatory for all new cars in Norway to be powered by electricity.

Percentage of electric vehicles in …
Norway: 22.4%
China: 1.0%
USA: 0.7%
Germany: 0.7%

Energy efficiency – a growing market


Size of the global market:

€825 billion

€1,365 billion

Oil pumped today:


Remaining oil supply:


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